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It started in 2017 when we went to a wedding with a fantastic reception venue but nothing planned for us to do. There was a live band with fiddle and guitar playing dance tunes. I got my family--my husband and adult children--up on the floor as I called a dance, dredging my memory from contra dancing I used to do long ago. It shall I put this? It astonished me that I could do such a poor job of calling a dance and yet give such grinning pleasure to so many young people eager to get up and try something new! That night I discovered how folk dancing helps us celebrate in a profoundly satisfying way. On our way home that night we decided to host a parlor dance in our home over the holidays. That was the first SnowBall and it led to dances in my school, at weddings, and in the community.

I am a mother of six grown children (who make me proud) and a recently (2022) retired music teacher.

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